June 25, 2021

Video suggests Carlos Beltran got stolen Astros signs in 2017 at-bat (New York Post)

Carlos Beltran has been steadfast in saying the Astros legally stole signs during his one season with the team in 2017. A new video appears to suggest that the new Mets manager benefited from Houston’s alleged practice, which is being investigated by Major League Baseball.

Max Wildstein posted video of an August 2017 at-bat with Beltran facing Chris Archer, then with the Rays. Beltran sees five pitches from the right-hander with a runner on first. In the video, a slider brings one audible bang, two bangs for changeups and none for fastballs.

Beltran, who won the World Series with the Astros, ended up ripping a ball that the first baseman bobbled. Beltran was out at first, but moved the runner to second with two outs.

Beltran has been consistent in his denial of any illegal practices by the Astros after a report in The Athletic stated he and Red Sox manager Alex Cora, then the Houston bench coach, played “key roles” in the 2017 Astros’ illegal, electronic sign-stealing operation.

“I’m not concerned,” Beltran wrote in a text message to The Post on Thursday. “There’s nothing illegal about studying your opposite team. We all have the same opportunity to…

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