June 22, 2021

Blue Jays News: Rogers Centre Renovations, Blue Jays Effort Board (Bluebird Banter)

On Saturday, November 17 the Blue Jays held a holiday photos event at Rogers Centre for season ticket holders, and I was invited by a loyal reader of Bluebird Banter (thanks!).

The field was partially assembled and dimly lit as most of the activities were limited to the 100-level concourse between the bases as well as in the Blue Jays’ clubhouse, where fans were able to walk through and take holiday photos with Ace, the Jays’ mascot.

The event also allowed me to take a look to see what renovations have been undertaken since the end of the 2019 season.

Photographs of the 100-level outfield seats at the Rogers Centre shows that several rows of seating has been removed from the back of each of those sections.

Minor Leaguer (both photographs)

Despite low ambient lighting it was clear to see that some construction work was ongoing in the Rogers Centre’s 100-level outfield seats. It appeared that around three rows of seating had been removed from the rear of sections 101 to 108 and 135 to 142, which can be seen in these comparison photographs taken in May 2019 and this past Saturday. These seats were elevated above the concourse and blocked fans walking through from seeing the action on the field. The grey concrete pillars in those sections also…

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