June 22, 2021

The First Japanese Player in Reds History (Red Reporter)

One of my best friends is a nerdlinger of some regard who teaches writing at the University of Dayton. He founded a collective called the Dayton Writers Movement a few years ago. They produce audio dramas like the old-time radio shows that were popular before we became fully civilized and started watching television. They release them as podcasts, of course, because they are now fully civilized like most of the rest of us. This whole intro is mostly a way for me to shamelessly plug the work of my good friend, but I’ll wing it back around to baseball, I promise.

As I said, this fella is a total nerdlinger. He’s strictly abstemious – he has never as much as smoked a cigarette or drank a drop of alcohol, much less tried some of the better and more enriching illicit drugs. Tom Waits once said that reality is for people who can’t face drugs and this friend of mine is real as fuck, man.

At this point in his life (dude’s approaching 40) it isn’t as much a point of conviction or idealism as it is a somewhat perverse exercise in self-denial. He’s more “well, I’ve made it this long without it” than anything else. He sees it kinda like board games or crocheting:…

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