June 25, 2021

The top 10 Oakland A’s moments of 2019 (Athletics Nation)

Last week, Martin Gallegos of MLB.com published his list of the A’s top 10 plays from 2019. While he did a fine job and I agreed with parts of his list, I also noticed some significant omissions and other rankings I had issues with.

So I decided I’d try my hand at it. Let’s get right to it.

Honorable Mention: Fernando’s Lone Arrow

I’m really sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

For most, Fernando Rodney’s stint in Oakland was forgettable at best. He was adequate down the stretch in 2018, and rewarded the team’s questionable decision to exercise his 2019 team option by forgetting how to pitch entirely. By the time he was DFA’d on May 25, he had posted a 6.17 ERA over 35 innings with the team, tallying 34 strikeouts against 25 (!!!) walks.

In hindsight — and, to many at the time — the $5 million spent on Rodney’s option should have been spent elsewhere. But to me, one of Rodney’s biggest fans, one night made it all worth it.

On April 1, the A’s turned to Fernando to secure a 7-0 victory against the reigning champion Boston Red Sox. He ended the game with a scoreless ninth inning and, after striking out J.D. Martinez for the game’s final out, fired his…

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