June 25, 2021

Oakland A’s Player Profile: AJ Puk (Athletics Nation)

To say AJ Puk is a character is an understatement akin to saying Yogi Bear only kinda likes picnic baskets. He’s a lanky, 6’7”, 220-pound Iowan who looks like he’s going to tumble over himself when he unwinds his elongated delivery, his cape of bright hair splaying out behind him. He’s a lefty, and he was pumping out heat in the mid-90’s through college. On top of that, Puk has tied himself with Ed Ott and Ed Hug for shortest name in MLB (as long as you’re going by the names they used while playing, as people with record-breakingly-short given names probably don’t try to make it to the Majors just to win a goofy honor).

All that, and he’s been a top-ranked prospect since his time at college. The A’s were the lucky ducks who swooped Puk up in the 2016 Draft with the sixth overall pick.

Puk was initially drafted out of high school by the Tigers, but declined the offer and went on to play ball for the University of Florida instead. College shenanigans happen, but when they happen in Florida, everyone gets to hear about it. Puk and a Gator teammate were arrested in their Sophomore year for climbing a crane in an on-campus…

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