June 25, 2021

Carlos Martinez Needs an Arsenal Adjustment (Viva El Birdos)

Carlos Martinez is a very good pitcher, regardless of his off-the-field (and on-the-field, at times) frustrations. Martinez tends to make some innings more exciting than they need to be, he has dealt with multiple arm ailments over the past few seasons — perhaps due to poor offseason training. Nevertheless, over the last five years, Martinez has never seen his ERA rise above 3.64. After starting 92 games between in three seasons from 2015-to-2017, Martinez has started only 18 games since 2018 while making 63 appearances out of the bullpen. Regardless of the role that he fills for the team in 2020, either as a starter or a reliever, Martinez could find some positivity if he dials down usage on his two-seam fastball (also known as his sinker).

In 2019, 20.8 percent of Martinez’s pitches were sinkers, which opponents worked a .375 batting average and a .411 wOBA against. This is not just a one-year flash in the pan. In 2018, Martinez allowed a .324 batting average and a .383 wOBA versus the pitch; in 2017, a .341 batting average and a .377 wOBA; in 2016, a .284 batting average and a .335 wOBA. Martinez’s sinker has definitely been easier for hitters to do something with, to…

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