June 22, 2021

Colorado Rockies news: Altitude, mascots and vibrating wearables (Purple Row)

If you’re like me (and I know I am), you’re probably already extremely bored with the main offseason storylines:

1. There are free agents.

2. Trades could happen.

Well, there’s good news: This offseason has graced us with a third choice.

3. Cheating.

Spike Eskin Creates Petition To Ban Professional Sports In Denver | CBS4

You see, Denver teams are inherently cheating because they’re better adjusted to higher altitudes and thus can breathe better than their opponents.

Related: Santa Claus sucks.

Canceled: Denver. Or at least sports teams in Denver

Approved: This counter-petition to raise all of Denver’s stadiums 1,000 feet.

Baseball’s sign-stealing controversy is an old story with a modern, high-tech twist | Chicago Tribune

Bernie Brewer has apparently been a spy since 1973, but others have also accused the Brewers of cheating, including maybe Yu Darvish (who is also defending the Rangers against the same allegations).

Canceled: Bernie Brewer, the Brewers, either Christian Yelich or Yu Darvish

Approved: Snacks.

Why Rob Manfred must make a harsh example of illegal sign stealers | New York Post

People are talking.

Specifically, some people have apparently told…

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