June 22, 2021

Is David Peralta a good defender? (AZ Snakepit)

While it was little or no surprise to see Nick Ahmed and Zack Greinke take home Gold Gloves when they were announced, the third Diamondback to receive one did come as a bit of a surprise. For David Peralta’s defense has never really been an area which had generally been regarded as one of his strengths. When he followed that up with the Wilson Defensive Player of the Year for left field, which honors the best player in either league, it definitely seemed something worth digging into further, spurred in part by this.

There’s no doubt that Peralta’s defense has certainly got better. But that’s no surprise, given the well-known story of how he was a pitcher initially, and only turned to the outfield after washing out of the Cardinals’ organization. Most MLB outfielders played the game from at least high-school, into college and up through the…

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