June 22, 2021

LA Angels News: Rule 5 Rules The Day (Halos Heaven)


Good morning easterners! If you missed yesterday’s Links release blame the mothership for their software errors. Next week, however, it will be ALL my fault. It’s a short week, a holiday week, and I have a very busy personal schedule.

It was a pretty odd day in MLB yesterday. Almost nothing hot stove related was a happening so I excised that section this morning.

Today, though, is Rule 5 Draft Protection Deadline Day. Teams have to declare their 40-man rosters by 8PM tonight in order to protect those guys who are eligible to be lifted off the franchise by rather arcane rules. This year this might be slightly more intriguing because MLB is on the verge of adding a 26th active roster spot. That means that a team could add a Rule 5 Draft guy and park him in that spot and not have an impact on their usual and customary plans.

Whatever. Nothing exciting out of me today. I’m just hoping that VOX/SBN fixed their software and this thing gets posted on time. But I am not waking up at 4AM PST to find out.


Yes, I do have a tough job coming up with all these links 5 days a week. But don’t feel sorry for me. Nope, instead feel sorry for a guy like Rhett…

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