June 22, 2021

Lookout Landing Podcast 91: “Why I’m a Mariners Fan” with Brittney Bush Bollay (Lookout Landing)

0:00-10:40: Matthew welcomes Brittney Bush Bollay to the spacious, opulent recording studio. Brittney is the first guest in our “Why I’m a Mariners Fan” series who did not grow up in Washington at all. Somehow, someway, Brittney’s path to baseball went through the Mets and she still decided “This is good.” Her introduction to the Mariners, specifically, came in 2013. Again, the perseverance and tolerance for treachery is unmatched.

10:45-24:00: How having a kid provides a different lens into fandom. The art of keeping score remains undefeated. Expressing genuine gratitude and appreciation for Twitter dot com. How Brittney formed an attachment to the Mariners without having an obvious everyday player to get behind. As a pioneer of the Maple Grove, Brittney was also able to merge baseball and the community together to create something beautiful.

24:05-32:10: When bad sports things cross over into real life, and how to explain that to a child. Has cancel culture seeped into our nation’s playgrounds? What of the concept of fairness, one of childhood’s guiding lights? Sports does not care for your child’s early-stage disposition, as it turns out. Brittney then…

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