June 23, 2021

Mark Teixeira’s prediction on Yankees’ Gerrit Cole chances (New York Post)

Former first baseman Mark Teixeira thinks the Yankees will have to give Gerrit Cole a record-breaking contract to get him to New York.

While speaking on ESPN’s “Baseball Tonight” podcast about the possibility of Cole landing in pinstripes, Teixeira talked about Yankees general manager Brian Cashman’s strategic approach to dealing with top free agents and how the organization is “never out of a negotiation because they have more money than anybody.”

And they’ll need a lot of it to sway Cole away from returning to the West Coast, where the Angels are among the favorites to sign him. 

“Every agent knows that if they don’t call the Yankees before their client signs they might be leaving money on the table,” Teixeira said. “Because, especially this year, with how important Gerrit Cole is to the Yankees offseason, they won’t get outbid.

“The question is, if the Yankees truly want Gerrit Cole, they can give him 10 years and $400 million dollars, they can do that. The question is, what are other teams willing to do and the Yankees don’t want to bid against themselves during this process.”

The retired first basemen, who signed an eight-year, $180…

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