June 17, 2021

Tampa Bay Rays current payroll obligations total only $62 million (D Rays Bay)

The Tampa Bay Rays are known as a low spending team that somehow manages to compete with the large market behemoths of the American League East.

Last offseason the Rays made waves when they signed their largest free agent contract ever, a whopping deal that could potentially give Charlie Morton $45M over three seasons. The $15M he made in 2019 was roughly a quarter (23.27%) of the Rays total payroll during their march toward their first postseason since 2013.

We are heading into another offseason and the only thing we know for sure it that some moves will be made — starting today — and that some will find them head-scratching while others will describe them as pure genius.

As we all hope that the various trades and signings will help the Rays get back to the postseason, let’s check in on the Rays current payroll obligations and how they’re looking heading into 2020.

The highest paid player on the team will currently be Charlie Morton. For the second year in a row he’ll make $15 million in 2020. Meanwhile, Kevin Kiermaier receives a raise as part of his contract extension; the third-time Gold Glover will make $10.2 million this upcoming season.

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