June 22, 2021

Boston Red Sox Projections: Playing Over/Under (Over the Monster)

The early part of the offseason is known more for Hot Stove speculation and the start of prospect SZN, but we are getting a head start on projection SZN this year as well. Over at FanGraphs, the Steamer projections for 2020 have been released. You can see all of the Red Sox projections here. As we do every year with every post relating to projections, we have to throw in the caveat that projections are not gospel. Nobody thinks they are. They are at best a tool with which we can set a baseline for a given player and at times just a fun way to pass the time in the winter. Do with projections what you will. With that out of the way, I picked out a handful of projections for the most interesting Red Sox players and want to play some over/under with them. You can play along in the comments, and on the off-chance I remember to look back at this next October we can laugh about how right/wrong we were.

Mookie Betts

WAR: 6.6

The only thing sillier than thinking about WAR down to the decimal is thinking about WAR projections down to the decimal. We’re playing a game, though, so lighten up you weirdo. Anyway, Steamer is projecting Betts to finish the year with 6.6 WAR, which is the…

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