June 22, 2021

Cheating has Evolved, so why can’t Major League Baseball? (The Crawfish Boxes)

As a quick recap, in 2017 the Astros were seemingly involved in an elaborate scheme to steal signs and electronically relay them to an employee who would then bang on a garbage can to signal what type of pitch was coming for the batter. Since the accusations were made public, there have been a number of people who have come up with damning evidence from various games of the 2017 regular season. There has also been rampant speculation that sign stealing continued into the 2017 offseason and beyond, but there has been no solid proof of that beyond internet detectives with still images who like to say “HMMM” very loudly.

While I want to be clear that the investigation is ongoing and nothing has been proven, my personal opinion is that the Astros will be found guilty of some form of electronic sign stealing. At that point, the commissioner will most likely move to protect the integrity of the game by punishing the Astros severely and sending a message to other teams about what will happen to them if they do the same. Because, well, that’s what happens when you get caught cheating.

I know a lot of keyboard warriors on social media think that the hammer will fall and the…

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