June 25, 2021

Colorado Rockies news: The annual quest to figure out first base (Purple Row)

Are the Rockies in a wait-and-see mode trying to finally fix their first base problem? | The Athletic ($)

For the first 22 years of the Colorado Rockies’ 26 years of existence, first base was a point of pride. A big bat in the lineup and a solid glove to anchor outs in the field. Andres Galaragga (1993-1997). Todd Helton (1998-2013). Justin Morneau (2014). Obviously, others filled in (see PurpleRow’s first base history story from 2017), but times were good at first.

Year after year since then, it’s been a hard spot to fill for the Rockies, which is not news to any Colorado fan. Since 2010, the Rockies rank 30th in the MLB in production at first base with a -1.6 fWAR—the only team with a negative figure in that category. The Rockies ranked No. 28 last year, and No. 29 each of the two years before that.

Mark Reynolds had ups and downs in 2016 (.282/.356/.450 in 393 at bats) and 2017 (.267/.352/.487 in 595 at bats), Ian Desmond wasn’t a good fit (.236/.307.422 in 555) and struggled fielding, and Daniel Murphy didn’t live up to expectations of his 2016 season (comparing hitting .347/.390/.595 in 531 at bats to .279/.328/.452 in 438 at bats in 2019) at the plate or…

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