June 25, 2021

Craig Edwards FanGraphs Chat – 11/21/2019 (FanGraphs)

Craig Edwards: Let’s get things rolling.
Thanks: …for your Astros piece yesterday. I was worried FG was going to take a very dry “only what can be measured  and quantified matters” approach. Now, what do you think WILL happen to the Astros (and who/when)?
Sam: If the Astros are found to have cheated in the 2017 WS, what is the proper punishment?
Craig Edwards: I think the effect is interesting and worth exploring. It’s also very difficult to do given how little information we have. Ultimately, it’s not important because the cheating is the thing that’s important. Not, how much it helped them. As for a punishment, I think seven-figure fine, multiple high draft picks and suspensions for members of the F.O. and coaching staff. Not sure there will be a banning, but it will be really interesting to see how far Manfred goes in forcing the Astros to clean house.
Craig Edwards: As for the 2017 World Series, I don’t think there’s anything extra you can really do. Not having a 2017 WS champion would be really bizarre and giving it to the Dodgers would be really weird. Are they going to have a…

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