June 22, 2021

Free agent target? Yeah, Marcell Ozuna makes a lot of sense (McCovey Chronicles)

No, the Giants don’t plan to compete next year, but that doesn’t mean they should give up. It also doesn’t sound like they’re planning to, either, if Jon Morosi’s report from a week and a half ago is accurate:

the Giants and D-backs have at least checked in with the representatives for Ozuna.

That’s not 45-year old utility player Pablo Ozuna, it’s 29-year old free agent outfielder Marcell Ozuna, who hit 52 home runs combined over the last two seasons for the Cardinals following a trade from the Marlins. He’s hit fewer than 20 home runs in just two of his seven major league seasons (2013 and 2015). He’s not quite a power hitter — 67th in MLB over the past two seasons — but he’s a hitter with power. Which the Giants need.

Yes, even if they’re tankin’ it.

While there are a great many number of people who spam the comments section of this site who’d prefer to see the Giants lose 162 games in each of the next three seasons until Buster Posey, Brandon Crawford, Brandon Belt, and Evan Longoria are but distant memories, that’s not the irrational and emotionally unstable avenue the Giants’ front office appears willing to explore this offseason. Nor…

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