June 22, 2021

How new rules for the 2020 season could impact the Braves (Talking Chop)

Another season, another batch of new rules. Major League Baseball will be implementing four new rules for the 2020 season. While recent rule changes have affected anything from All-Star voting to pace of play, most of the new rules for 2020 focus on roster management, with the one exception being the three-batter minimum rule. Here are the new rules for 2020 and how they will affect the Braves:

Rule No. 1: The active roster will be increased from 25 to 26 players until August 31. Starting in September, when rosters traditionally expand, the active roster will be 28 players, which is down from having the entire 40-man roster.

This rule is very straight-forward. For a majority of the season, each team will be allowed to carry 26 players (and a minimum of 25) on its active roster. For double-headers, teams will still be allowed to add one player, raising the active roster to 27. Depending on how teams balanced their active roster with pitchers and position players, this new rule will allow them to add either another arm in the bullpen or another bench player. Many teams effectively used the 10-day IL as a means of adding another pitcher, but MLB will look to change that, as…

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