June 22, 2021

Ka’ai Tom among Indians prospects left exposed to Rule 5 draft (Let’s Go Tribe)

The November 20 deadline for teams to get their 40-man rosters in order prior to the Winter Meetings has come and gone, and that means we now have a list of who could be lost to the Rule 5 draft in a couple weeks.

Late Wednesday night, the Indians opted to add outfielder Daniel Johnson, pitcher Triston McKenzie, and pitcher Scott Moss to their 40-man roster and protect them from the bad men coming to take them away in broad daylight. They also traded Mark Mathias to the Milwaukee Brewers, who then added him to their own 40-man roster to protect him from the Rule 5 draft.

For those unaware, the Rule 5 draft is a selection process that takes place on the last day of the Winter Meetings every year. Any player who signed with a major-league club at age 18 or younger and have played at least five professional seasons is eligible to be selected. For any player 19 or over, they must have at least five years of playing in the minors to be eligible. Teams take turns choosing prospects like any other draft, but not every team is going to make selections this time around. Reason being, the player(s) chosen must be immediately placed on their new team’s 25-man roster and $100,000…

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