June 25, 2021

Mike Leake 2019 Season Review Diamondbacks Mariners (AZ Snakepit)

  • Rating: 5.22
  • Age: 32
  • 2019 stats: 4.29 ERA, 32 starts, 197 IP, 5.19 FIP, 102 ERA+
  • 2019 salary: $16 million ($5 million paid by St. Louis)
  • 2020 status: $15 million ($4 million paid by St. Louis, $8 million paid by Seattle)


Did you know Mike Leake went to ASU? Drafted 8th overall in the 2009 draft after an outstanding junior season that saw him go 16-1 with a 1.71 ERA across 18 starts, Leake was seen as a high-floor prospect, one that would reach the MLB quickly. And boy did he ever. After a short Arizona Fall League appearance in 2009, he broke into the Cincinnati Reds starting rotation the following season and has been a mainstay across 4 teams. The results have been adequate, Mike’s a perfectly average pitcher, giving you 32 starts and close to 200 innings of league average ERA.

And for that consistency, he cashed in. St. Louis paid him $80 million over 5 years off a solid stretch of 3.70 ERA. Leake struggled, pitching to ERAs over 5 across the next two seasons before an in-season trade to Seattle returned him to the Mike Leake of old, pitching to a 4.16 ERA over 350+ innings.

Outside of baseball, Mike Leake has lived in Arizona for over half his life. He has…

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