June 17, 2021

Needs of the many (MLB teams) (Viva El Birdos)

With free agency looming, I thought I’d take a look at what each teams’ needs are going into free agency. My team needs will depend on the teams’ salary and current win curve position to a certain extent. For instance, to use a Cardinal example, three Tyler O’Neills on the Royals would mean OF was not a need for them, but three Tyler O’Neils on the Cards constitutes OF as a team need. Get it? Well hopefully because I’m jumping straight in. Oh yeah and I am completely ignoring bullpen, because they are too random and I am very unfamiliar with the inner workings of most teams’ bullpens.

Arizona Diamondbacks

Team Needs – 2B, OF

In a very limited sample, Ketel Marte was an excellent defensive CF, so he should probably stay in CF. Even so, they probably need another outfielder. David Peralta is solid, but Steven Souza has the injury proneness of a pitcher and they don’t want to rely on either Tim Locastro or Josh Rojas. Or I wouldn’t. The rest of the infield is good, but 2B as of now is between Ildemaro Vargas (0.0 fWAR in 211 PAs) or Domingo Leyba (30 total MLB PAs). They could probably use another starter; they do have five solid guys, but three…

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