June 18, 2021

Off the wall trade target: Jeff Samardzija (The Good Phight)

This is the first in a semi-weekly look at some trade targets that you might not have considered and whether it would make sense to trade for them.

Did you hear about the Phillies and their pitching staff? It wasn’t what one would call “good” last year, at least not in the classical vernacular. They had a little bit of trouble finding guys who could throw more than four effective innings in a row, and when they did, it seemed like injury and its cold fingers would grip that pitcher’s entire body and sent him into the phantom zone. So it would make sense that part of the offseason strategy would be for the team to search for reinforcements, players that can not only withstand the season-long rigors of pitching, but could also do it at an above average rate.

Now, since good pitching is in short supply around the league, the Phillies might struggle to find all of their solutions on the free agent market. They could, but it is doubtful. Instead, they might have to put out some feelers about acquiring some of the bigger ticket items, players like….um…well I don’t know. Most of the rumored players that could be moved all have their warts. The job of the Phillies is…

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