June 22, 2021

Rays Offseason Drinking Game – DRaysBay (D Rays Bay)

One of my favorite recurring articles is Mike Vorkunov’s yearly Knicks drinking game, mainly because, as a Knicks fan, drinking is a must.

Thankfully, Rays fandom has been a bit easier in years past, but who doesn’t still like to imbibe every now and then with a classy Busch Lite or bottom shelf Vodka?

So with a nod to Mr. Vorkunov, and a shot of patron at the ready, let’s set up the 2020 Rays Offseason Drinking Game. (The rules are simple: Whenever one of these events occurs, take a drink.)


  • You hear any of the following phrases: “40-man roster crunch,” “out of options,” “small market,” “cheap,” or “mystery team.”
  • The Rays finish as the runner-up to a piece that seems like he would’ve been a perfect fit
  • But Topkin says our offer was competitive! (Make mine a double.)
  • The Rays make a “smart” move, per the experts
  • You talk yourself into Edwin Encarnacion being like make-up sex for missing out on Nelson Cruz last offseason. (In fact, make that several drinks.)
  • The Rays low payroll is mentioned as a positive
  • The Rays are tied to Yasiel Puig. (This is a happy drink.)
  • You realize that the Rays are bringing back a…

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