June 22, 2021

The Cubs should attempt to acquire catcher Nick Dini (Bleed Cubbie Blue)

Sometimes, people wonder where I get my silly trade proposal ideas from. I certainly don’t wait for “cited sources”. Sometimes, the names sound randomly generated. Normally they have little if any MLB experience. I’m at it again. The Cubs should try to acquire recently-designated catcher Nick Dini.

Yeah, I saw your eyes roll. If the Cubs are to add a Royals option, I should be agog over Whit Merrifield. The hiccup with adding a player who is already known, is that the awareness comes with a price, in cash or considerations. Dini would come very inexpensively.

I have four reasons Dini makes sense. For a waiver-wire type addition, any two would be plenty. I have four, three of which are baseball-valid. The first is that Iowa Cubs announcer Alex Cohen says he’s worth a chance. When I heard him described (“A catcher that pitchers love to throw to”, “Great in the clubhouse”, “Hits well enough to start 50 games a year”), I was fascinated.

He was KC’s 14th-round choice from Wagner College (Staten Island, New York) in 2015. He was summoned late in 2019, had a positive bWAR, and would figure to have at least two option seasons remaining. A team almost always needs three catchers,…

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