June 22, 2021

The first Rays 40-man roster map of the 2020 offseason (D Rays Bay)

The Tampa Bay Rays’ full 40-man roster has presented an opportunity for me to follow in the footsteps of a few other SB Nation sites in creating a 40-man roster map, such as Halos Heaven and Bluebird Banter.

With a roster that still has traces back to the Devil Rays days, it was fun to put together a detailed map that traces how each player on the Rays roster found their way to St. Petersburg.

The great thing about this method of displaying a 40-man roster is that it provides a clean look at all of the ways that the Rays acquired each player they have rostered, as of publishing, and does a great job showing all of the trades that transpired, regardless of complexity.

Click here to see the map in full resolution (Updated 11/20/19)

While the map may look self-explanatory to some, here are a few notes on the roster map:

  • Each player that is currently on the 40-man roster has their name in bold, and whenever players with the same last name appear on the map, their first initial is added for clarification.
  • Only players that were on the team’s 40-man roster at the time of being traded are represented on the map. This is why some trades, such…

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