July 24, 2021

Tyler Rogers submarined his way into Giants fans’ hearts this year (McCovey Chronicles)

Stat Line

17.2 IP, 8.15 K/9, 1.53 BB/9, 1.02 ERA, 2.08 FIP, 2.87 xFIP, 0.5 fWAR, 0.7 rWAR

Tyler Rogers rules.

I had this whole intro about seeing him for the first time in Sacramento and how he worked his way up to the majors, but that didn’t really cut to the core of things, which is this: Tyler Rogers is the single most fun player to watch on the Giants.

It’s not just that he has that unique delivery, ultra underhand, with his knuckles almost scraping the ground, but it’s so dang effective. In the month of September, Rogers had the second most fWAR of any Giants pitcher, ahead of Madison Bumgarner and Will Smith and everyone not named Tyler Beede (Beede, for the record, pitched 10 more innings than Rogers in September and was worth 0.1 more WAR).

That combination of uniqueness and effectiveness makes him an absolute delight on the mound. Nobody throws like Tyler Rogers. Almost nobody’s as good as Tyler Rogers (among relievers who pitched at least 10 innings this year, he was fourth in the majors in ERA and no, YOUR sample size is small).

And this is all coming on the heels of two straight offseasons where Rogers was available to be selected in the Rule 5 draft, and…

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