June 22, 2021

Who will be this offseason’s Dallas Keuchel? (McCovey Chronicles)

Hey, did you know the San Francisco Giants recently hired a new manager? You might have read about it.

But you know what you haven’t read about on here lately? The offseason. So let’s take a break from the Kapler-induced drama and focus on something a bit more lighthearted: successful players getting shafted at the negotiating table!

What, you mean pre-arbitration players?

No, I mean—

Or players going through arbitration.

No, I’m talking—

Or are you talking about those players who sign outrageously team-friendly contracts because they have no negotiating power and their only other choice is to play for the minimum for 3+ years despite putting up great, even All-Star, even MVP-caliber seasons and hope they’re still good or not injured by their arbitration years, at which point they can get one-year deals that still vastly undervalue their production?

Well, sure, but that’s not—

And if they somehow manage to get through their arbitration years without getting injured or sucking, they still won’t have a fair shot at free agency because teams will hit them with a qualifying offer?

Yes! That’s it! You can stop now!

But of course, many players hit free agency…

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