June 22, 2021

Wrigley Field construction update: That’s a wrap! (Bleed Cubbie Blue)

A number of you have posted comments here asking about Wrigley Field construction updates, a staple of the offseason here for the last five years. I’ve also received a number of emails asking about the 1060 Project, the official name of the Wrigley Field renovation, restoration and expansion project.

The 1060 Project is now complete, except for a few interior and “punch list” items, as well as some work to be done in the press box. Cubs spokesman Julian Green told me by email:

The 1060 Project is completed. Through a gargantuan effort working through Chicago’s unpredictable winter weather, post-season baseball, meticulous landmark features and vast logistical challenges with expanding and renovating a 100-year-old ballpark within a neighborhood, the Ricketts family accomplished their goal of successfully preserving and and modernizing Wrigley Field for another 100 years.

We are planning to renovate the press box this offseason.

I concur with Julian Green. The project was carefully thought out with a view toward not just renovating a ballpark that had admittedly become somewhat tired, but to restore the park to what were considered its “glory” years, the 1930s….

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