June 18, 2021

2019 Boston Red Sox in Review: Josh Smith (Over the Monster)

Welcome to our 2019 Red Sox in Review series. This is, as you can probably guess, where we will be reviewing all of the players who made at least a modest impact on the Red Sox in 2019. Every week day we’ll be deep diving into one player every day. For each edition we’ll describe the season in a sentence, look at the positives from the year as well as negatives, look back at our one big question from the season preview and look ahead to the 2020 season. We’ll be going in alphabetical order of the players on this list. You can look over that list, too, and drop a name in the comments if you think I left anyone out who should be mentioned here. Got it? Good. Today we focus on Josh Smith.

2019 in One Sentence

That Josh Smith pitched enough to make it into this series says less about how Smith pitched and more about how the year went for Red Sox pitchers

The Positives

Not to be overly dismissive of a guy who has clearly worked very hard and is in the top tenth of a percentage point of people who have tried to be a major-league baseball player, but relative to those who did play in the majors, Smith was more of a body available to pitch than someone who was a real…

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