June 25, 2021

2019 MLB Free Agency Prediction Thread (McCovey Chronicles)

I forgot that Grant had always done a free agency prediction post. Even he has forgotten before. Thanks to bdimugno for mentioning it in yesterday’s BP (if you’re new to the site: that’s our daily general comments thread for the community). So here we are, a few weeks into free agency, and at least five notable deals have been made:

Yasmani GrandalWhite Sox
Jake OdorizziTwins (accepted the qualifying offer)
Will Smith – Braves 🙁
Jose Abreu – White Sox (accepted the qualifying offer)
Chris MartinPhillies

These deals have registered as a bit of a surprise, given who slowly free agency has moved the past few offseasons. There has definitely been a change in the industry and it’s safe to say that baseball will never be the same again, which means it’ll be a lot more difficult to do these types of posts without feeling supremely dumb while doing them.

Last year, Kenny jinxed this entire process with this jinxer of a jinx:

Having the front office remain mostly the same for 20 years means it’s easy to predict how the Giants will reload.


Unless Bobby Evans and Brian Sabean get fired or something, but that would require the Giants undergoing a dramatic…

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