June 25, 2021

2019 Phillies in review: Ranger Suarez (The Good Phight)

The numbers

48 23 IP, 37 G, 20.5 K%, 5.9 BB%, 3.14 ERA (3.89 FIP), 0.4 fWAR

The good

Well this was kind of unexpected. If your assumptions about the future of Ranger Suarez were grounded in his 2018 performance, you might have a tepid level of enthusiasm for him headed into 2019. He was always a middle of the pack pitching prospect before his promotion. When he did pitch two games, he gave up 16 hits and 12 runs (8 earned) in nine innings. It was inauspicious to say the least. After spring training, he was more or less an afterthought, depth in case of injury to someone in the rotation. Then he was promoted on June 7th and sent to the bullpen. He didn’t start a single game in 2019. And guess what! It worked beautifully.

His first game went poorly (4 IP, 7 H, 4 R), but in the 44 23 innings after that, he was quite effective (2.62 ERA, 36 K, 11 BB). There were some spotty performances here and there (4 runs allowed in one appearance in July, 3 runs in another appearance in August) that affected the final ERA line, but for the most part, he was an unexpectedly effective bullpen piece that didn’t have that many to finish the year. Whether the team meant to move him to…

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