June 25, 2021

2020 Diamondbacks Decisions: Adam Jones (AZ Snakepit)

Yoshihisa Hirano results

After a couple of squeakers in terms of results, Hirano received the most positive reaction in terms of a return, with almost three-quarters of the 248 respondents wanting to make him an offer. 72.2% agreed the D-backs should do so. But, as you’d probably expect, there was considerably less agreement over the length and price of the deal.

One year just managed to achieve a majority of the votes, with 51.7% of the selections. Most of the rest were for two years (40.0%), but for the first time in this poll, there was a slightly significant amount in favor of a longer contract. 3.9% went for three years, and some as long as five. All told, 8.3% voted to offer a deal for Hirano lasting longer than two seasons.

There was less agreement over the value of the contract. Each block from $1.5 million to $3.5 million received a double-digit percentage, peacking with $3 million, which snuck over the twenty percent mark, as shown above. However, the median offer (half above and half below) came in a little lower, at the $2.5 million level. Based on these responses, the SnakePit has spoken. Yoshihisa Hirano will be offered a…

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