June 17, 2021

Atlanta Braves Rule 5 Draft Primer and Preview (Talking Chop)

The Rule 5 Draft is coming up on December 12, 2019 at the MLB Winter Meetings and with it comes all of the usual rosterbation from prospect diehards that want to extract as much value as is humanly possible from any given situation. I understand and respect these people.

However, the reality of the Rule 5 is that, for the most part, most of the players taken are going to be lottery ticket-type relievers and a significant portion of them will get offered back to their original teams because, as it turns out, they were not worth a 40 man roster spot on their new team. There have been notable success stories of Rule 5 selections (Johan Santana, Dan Uggla, Marwin Gonzalez, etc.), but for the most part these end up being relatively minor moves. Before we get into the Braves-specific portion of things, here is a quick rundown of how the Rule 5 Draft.

What is the Rule 5 Draft and how does it work?

The Rule 5 Draft was instituted essentially to make sure that teams don’t just stockpile players in the minors forever without giving them opportunities to play in the major leagues. Without it, teams could just just fill out their best roster and then let the rest of the guys (who…

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