June 23, 2021

Cincinnati Reds rumors – Zack Wheeler an option to bolster rotation? (Red Reporter)

Zack Wheeler hit a homer in 2019, the first such blast of his career. His .561 OPS in a career high 64 PA last year raised his career mark to a bawdy .371, though to date he’s still never once tripled.

Hardly the kind of offensive upgrade sought by the Cincinnati Reds this winter, it would appear. Fortunately, though, Wheeler packs quite the ability to throw the baseball with his pitcher-like offense, and despite the Reds seemingly being set in their rotational ways, it appears Cincinnati does have interest in the free agent righty. So says The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal in today’s notes column, quoting an agent who says of the Reds “I will be shocked if they don’t spend big” in the wake of losing out on Yasmani Grandal to the Chicago White Sox.

But, another pitcher? If they’re going to spend big, shouldn’t their focus be on the offense and a player like, I dunno, Yasmani Grandal?

Offense clearly was an issue for the Reds in 2019, but if you take your binary goggles off for a second, you can also see that the addition of Wheeler would both a) still make the Reds a better club for 2020 than they currently project to be, and b) still make some sense for the…

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