July 25, 2021

Friday Rockpile: Arenado, Story make the first All-MLB list (Purple Row)

ESPN’s 2019 All-MLB Team: A panel of voters selects the squad | ESPN.com

Citing the lack of an NBA- or NFL-style player ranking vote in baseball, ESPN started their own. Two Rockies made the first All-MLB team. Unsurprisingly, both Nolan Arenado and Trevor Story earned the made-up recognition. What is surprising, perhaps, is that both players just made the cut onto the third team. Arenado took a backseat to Alex Bregman and Anthony Rendon, while Story fell behind Marcus Semien and Xander Bogaerts.

I’m in favor of such an arbitrary ranking for several reasons:

1. Ranking things is fun.

2. MLB’s All-Star Game is a worse recognition of regular-season accomplishments than any other sport because it leaves out 70-something games where a lot happens.

3. Ranking things is fun.

4. Anything that incites endless subjective debates is always welcomed into my life.

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