June 25, 2021

John Sherman could be an improvement, but don’t expect a miracle (Royals Review)

Well, it’s finally official: this week, John Sherman was unanimously approved by the Major League Baseball owners to complete his purchase of the Kansas City Royals. After two decades under previous owner David Glass—and even longer, if you take into account Glass’ guidance of the team in the 1990s—there’s a brand new face in town.

Glass had his warts, to be sure. He was famously cheap for years, holding back the Royals from doing anything competitive on the field. Anecdotes abound, but here’s a particularly potent one: Carlos Beltran, potential future Hall of Famer and one of the most talented Royals ever, wanted to sign an extension to stay in Kansas City before the 2003 season. He wanted three years for $25 million. The Glass family told him to sign for three years and $24 million. Beltran broke off negotiations after the understandable slight.

Between 2000 and 2013, they were a bottom-10 payroll team every year but one. Only three seasons saw the Royals sport an above average payroll—one of which resulted in a World Series victory (go figure). It would be natural to hope that John Sherman would be more aggressive in his payroll, and that the Royals could…

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