June 22, 2021

LA Angels News: Catch Him If You Can (Halos Heaven)


Some teams got fresh coal for their hot stove yesterday. Other teams got fresh coal for their holiday stockings.

There are lots of angles to riff off of with the Yasmani Grandal signing. Mine is the temptation to start score keeping to line up winter winners and losers (and…OK…so I take some shots below…), but mostly I will restrain myself.

Instead, here, let’s consider that so far we have some hope that this will not be yet another offseason full of conspiracy theories and writer frustration. In the last 10 days we have had 3 decent signings, with $126 million committed. Will Smith, then Chris Martin, and now Grandal. We have also had Adam Wainwright, Tyler Flowers, Nick Markakis sign deals. (And another $3-6MM that the Braves committed to Darren O’Day before that.)

Things are happening. With or without Scott Boras, and it ain’t even Thanksgiving. Boras might have to pick up what moneys are left over.


Mike Trout is just as anxious for things to start happening as you are. The difference between Mike and you and me, though, is Mike is the guy who will be answering the phone calls to pitch Anaheim to prospective Free Agents…………


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