June 25, 2021

Staff AAOP: A boring Band-Aid (Amazin’ Avenue)

Look, the Mets aren’t going to spend shit. We know this, and still, we hope that something magical happens this off-season. Well, I’m not going to do my AAOP that way. I’m going to try to be realistic about what I think the Wilpons will allow to happen, and it isn’t all that fun. But I think that, with some common sense and some luck, this plan could actually work. Let’s dig in.

The three areas for improvement:

  1. Relief Pitching
  2. Starting depth
  3. A backup catcher and backup center fielder

The ‘good’ news here is that these three areas don’t require an insane shakeup of the core of the team. By my count, the team needs one starter, three relievers, a backup catcher, and a backup outfielder to fill out its 26 man roster. This is all based upon health for the usual suspects which, of course, isn’t promised. But this gives us a good place to start.

The addition of Carlos Beltran as manager also likely improves the team, if only marginally. Given some regression to the mean both by overachieving hitters and by underperforming relievers likely comes out in the wash, in terms of wins and losses. That means that the Mets were 3 wins away from a one-game playoff for…

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