June 22, 2021

The complicated legacy of David Glass (Royals Review)

For the first time in two and a half decades, David Glass is not in charge of the Royals.

On Thursday at the MLB owner’s meetings in Arizona, it was made official. John Sherman is now the third owner in club history. (Fourth if you want to get technical and count the trust the team was placed in after the passing of Ewing Kauffman.)

Glass exits with a pair of AL pennants, a World Series title, around $900 million in profit from his initial investment in the teams, and a complicated legacy

Glass has been involved in Royals baseball since he was the managing partner in the trust that assumed ownership upon Kauffman’s death in 1993. Things did not get off to a good start.

It wasn’t surprising that it was a rough beginning for Glass, Kansas City and the Royals. After the largess of Ewing Kauffman, he saw the incoming storm clouds before tapping Glass as the man to head the trust the team would be placed into. Both men were convinced the franchise couldn’t continue to operate the way it had in the past. Changes would have to be made, both in Kansas City and in baseball at large.

The charge would be led by Glass. He made his bones at Wal-Mart; had plenty of anti-labor…

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