June 17, 2021

Who from the 2020 Veterans Committee Ballot Will Make the Hall of Fame? (The Crawfish Boxes)

The last two weeks have marked the official start of Hall of Fame season; this past Monday saw the announcement of the 2020 baseball writers’ ballot (the more traditional election everyone thinks about), while the week before featured the reveal of the Veterans Committee choices. We’ll have plenty of time to dissect the BBWAA ballot, so let’s instead start our discussion with the second group, since their vote and subsequent induction announcement will take place over the Winter Meetings the second week of December.

For those who aren’t aware, the Veterans Committee exists as a sort of safety net for the Hall of Fame, designed to elect worthy players to the Hall who may have been overlooked the first time around. Whether they’ve always met the “worthy” part is debatable, but the BBWAA has absolutely missed out on deserving players in the past, so something like the VC is at least a necessary part of the process, but the exact form it has existed in has shifted multiple times over the years.

The current format rotates through different eras (this year’s ballot focuses on 1966 to 1982), picking ten to twelve candidates from the group of players of that era who…

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