June 17, 2021

Chicago Cubs history: Cal Koonce and the 1962 Cubs (Bleed Cubbie Blue)

Things continued to look grim for the Cubs in the early 1960s as they experimented with management and saw glimmers of greatness from some men who would go on to become Cubs legends. One of the best players of the 1962 season, though, was a young pitcher who managed a .500 record in a very bad year.

1962 Cubs

Record: 59-103
Standing: 9th in the National League
Manager: El Tappe, Lou Klein, Charlie Metro

1962 saw the Cubs continue their College of Coaches experiment, in which the team was managed by committee through the season, with El Tappe and Lou Klein taking the fewest games, and Charlie Metro carrying the bulk of the load. Obviously with 103 losses on the season, none of the men had a winning record, but Klein’s 12-18 came closest. This was the first time in Cubs history they lost more than 100 games.

This was also the first season for teams to play 162 games, so it was also the beginning of the modern baseball season as we know it. 1962 saw new teams enter the National League, including the Houston Colt .45s and the New York Mets. It’s worth noting (though probably not to Mets fans) that the 1962 Mets hold the record for the worst season in the 162-game era, at…

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