June 17, 2021

Colorado Rockies news: Jeter-only ballots test Walker’s induction (Purple Row)

Why Derek Jeter, and only Derek Jeter, is on my Baseball Hall of Fame ballot for the Class of 2020 | Newsday

Larry Walker’s ballot percentages may take a hit if this trend continues: Anthony Rieber only wants one at the induction podium.

Rieber, a sportswriter from New York, wrote an entire article justifying his take. “In another year, with a different composition of the BBWAA ballot, I would not have voted only for Jeter. But this year’s BBWAA ballot made it the only choice for me.”

Apparently the players he regarded as good enough last year—Bonds, Clemens, Pettitte, Ramirez, Schilling and Visquel—aren’t good enough this year.

His concept does deserve some hearing out, at least with regards to if a voter consistently selects a small number of players year after year. What remains in question is to check nine boxes the previous year, deeming all of them Hall worthy, and then abandoning the six that didn’t get in, as if they suddenly aren’t good enough anymore. The usual argument for the ’Small Hall’ voters, and what Rieber put in his own article, is that “the Hall of Fame is so watered down now.” Rieber filled out 90 percent of the maximum…

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