June 22, 2021

How the new 26th man will affect the Red Sox offseason any beyond (Over the Monster)

Among the handful of new rules that are expected to be implemented into baseball this year is the addition of the 26th man on the active roster, which will come with a reduction to 28-man rosters in September rather than the 40-man rosters we’d played with in the past. We’ll set that second part aside for the time being and just focus on what the rule will be for the first five months of the season. Specifically, I want to look at how this new rule will affect strategy around roster building. Granted, we don’t really have a baseline here what with this being Chaim Bloom’s first year at the helm, but we can at least compare the current situation to how things went in the past. These are in no particular order of importance or likelihood or any other sorting method you can thing of.

Rule 5 Draft

When looking at who the Red Sox would protect in the Rule 5 Draft and how they could still potentially have room to draft a player I first started thinking about ramifications for this added roster spot. Boston participating in the Rule 5 Draft has been pretty rare in recent years, with most of their picks being traded immediately after being made. That could change this year….

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