June 23, 2021

Royals Review early off-season mailbag (Royals Review)

The big news this week is that John Sherman has been voted on and confirmed as the new owner of the Kansas City Royals. That might very well be the biggest news of the off-season as the Royals have fewer excuses than ever to consider signing any free agents that are likely to command much in terms of salary or attention. Still, I figured there had to be SOME questions and you all came through.

Your question seems to have its answer. If the Royals aren’t upgrading through free agency or trade than the only hope of improvement comes in the form of improved health and continued growth by the guys already on the roster. Hunter Dozier had a breakout season in 2019 but he also suffered injuries that kept him out for a chunk of the season. Adalberto Mondesi wasn’t quite as good as he was in 2018, but he was still plenty competent until he injured his shoulder. Hopefully, that’s fixed in 2020.

I know the biggest concerns last season were with the bullpen, but to my mind, the rotation is the bigger question mark. Brad…

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