June 22, 2021

The 2010’s all-baserunning Arizona Diamondbacks team (AZ Snakepit)

With the 2010s now in the rear-view mirror as far as baseball is concerned, I thought it might be fun to put together a series of articles looking at various aspects of the D-backs over the decade. Fielding, offense, and in this first installment, base-running. These aren’t strictly the best base-runners to pull on the team uniform in this decade. Because if that were the case, we’d have no-one to play catcher. So we’re instead looking at the best single season at each position, with a minimum of 50% of appearances at the spot in question. This is based on Baseball Reference’s Baserunning Runs (so does not include the component for avoiding hitting into double-plays), and covers just the period 2010-19.

As a quick aside, would you care to guess who this metric spits out as the best base-runner in the majors during the ten-year period? Billy Hamilton? Dee Gordon? Rajai Davis? Nope. The correct answer is, in fact, Jarrod Dyson, who was worth 39.8 runs on the basepaths for the decade. That’s particularly impressive, considering he averaged only 86 games per season over that time. Dyson also led the majors in stolen-base percentage (min: 150 attempts in the 2010s) at…

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