June 22, 2021

Weekend Rumblings – News for November 24, 2019 (Royals Review)

Weekend Rumblings – News for November 24, 2019

As David Glass exits, Sam Mellinger gives him credit.

Glass also deserves credit on multiple fronts. First, he kept the Royals in Kansas City in the 1990s as contraction became a real fear locally and tangible prospect around the league.

Second, he made a distinct shift in 2006, committing money, support and autonomy for a new direction with Moore, then widely regarded as the game’s top general manager prospect.

The Royals remade their organizational infrastructure, from updating the company’s computer system to adding and modernizing minor-league affiliates, to increased spending on amateur talent.

Jon Morosi says the Cubs are still interested in trading for Whit Merrifield.

Second baseman Whit Merrifield has been an under-the-radar star with the Royals for several years, but the Cubs might try to bring him into the spotlight.

MLB.com’s Jon Paul Morosi reports that Chicago is showing “continued interest” in trading for Merrifield, who just completed the first season of the four-year, $16.25 million extension he signed with Kansas City at the beginning of 2019. Merrifield remains cheap even after signing that…

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