June 25, 2021

2019 Arizona Diamondbacks Review: #24, Andrew Chafin (AZ Snakepit)

Rating: 5.91

Age: 29

2019 stats: 3.76 ERA, 77 games, 52.2 IP, 3.25 FIP, 119 ERA+, 0.7 WAR

2019 salary: $1,945,000

2020 status: Arbitration 3 ($3,200,000)


Andrew Chafin was the third player (43rd overall) the Diamondbacks selected in the first round of the 2011 draft. The first two players were Trevor Bauer and Archie Bradley. Overall, that’s a solid top three selections, later personality conflicts notwithstanding. As hoped for from an early pick in the draft, Chafin rapidly climbed through the minors and made his debut (as a starter) in August of 2014. After a thoroughly successful debut, Chafin joined the bullpen out of spring training in 2015 and never looked back. In his first full season, Chafin established himself as a dominant left-handed force out of the bullpen. Over the next three seasons, he never quite rose to that level again, but the “lesser” version was still a quality, above average, left-handed relief pitcher that laughed at the convention of relief pitchers being unreliably volatile from year to year. After surviving a winter of attachment to trade rumors, The Sheriff was one of the few true locks for the bullpen to open the 2019…

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