June 25, 2021

Colorado Rockies news: There are free agent moves there for the Rockies (Purple Row)

8 free agents everyone is underrating | MLB.com

You don’t need me to tell you that the Rockies look like they are going to rely on internal improvements to bolster their roster next season. But if they changed their mind and wanted to make a move in free agency, there are certainly players who could make sense.

Richard Justice offers eight free agents who might be flying under the radar this offseason, and it isn’t hard to see potential fits for the Rockies. Marcell Ozuna was once a trade target who made sense for the Rockies, at least in the minds of bloggers, and is on the market this winter. Alex Avila is available, although it doesn’t feel like he improves the area where Colorado catchers are lacking, which is on offense. And hey, if the Rockies wanted to add some muscle and continue their seemingly endless search for a first baseman, they could look at Eric Thames.

It’s not likely the Rockies will pursue any big name free agents or even good free agents who are under the radar. But it’s worth remembering again that free agency the last couple years has been weird. It has been unfriendly to players, which stinks, but a market like that could present the Rockies…

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