June 22, 2021

MLB free agency: Pros, cons of Marlins signing versatile Brock Holt (Fish Stripes)

Time to spend Bruce Sherman’s and Derek Jeter’s money! Entering the third year under new Marlins ownership, fans expect to see significant improvement at the major league level. Some of that improvement will surely come from within, but prospects—as they say—will break your heart. Successful MLB rebuilds make sure to surround their young cores with veterans who can bring credibility and reliable production. Free agent additions figure to be critically important to keeping the Fish on track.

To date, the largest investment that the Sherman/Jeter Marlins have made in any free agent was $5.25 million for Cuban outfielder Víctor Víctor Mesa. “Deep Sea Fishing” is a series of profiles on established, available players—all of them projected to cost more than Víctor Víctor—who should be seriously considered by the front office.

2019 team(s): Red Sox

2019 salary: $3.6 million

2020 season age: 32

Marlins connection? None.

Why the Marlins should want him

Brock Holt takes defensive versatility to an extreme. In 2018, he started games at first base, second base, third base, shortstop, left field and right field, then did it again this past season. The only player…

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