June 17, 2021

Arizona Diamondbacks on the 2020 Hall of Fame ballot: Adam Dunn (AZ Snakepit)

The 2020 Hall of Fame ballot is out, and this year, there are quite a few players with with Arizona connections who have been added to the list. [They join Curt Schilling, who is there for his eighth season, and so there’s probably no particular need to rehash that argument for now. Maybe in two years’ time…] There probably isn’t much chance of any of them making it – odds are, most will be “one and done”, but let’s just review their chances, along with their time for the Diamondbacks.

Adam Dunn in Arizona

Adam Dunn spent the least time of any of them in the Diamondbacks’ organization. Less than three months, with only 44 games played for Arizona. He came to the desert, along with a suitcase of cash, in a post-deadline deal (Kids! Ask your parents!) on August 11, 2008, in a deal with the Cincinnati Reds. We sent Dallas Buck and two players to be named later, who ended up being Wilkin Castillo and pitcher/hitter extraordinaire Micah Owings. None of that trio ended up providing any positive value for the Reds, So even though Dunn was purely a rental, hitting free-agency at the end of the 2008 season, it’s hard to say the D-backs lost much in the trade.

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